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Server Status: Online And Revving
Partially Open - 23rd-Feb-22 @ 08:14:56
We are partially open for people to jump in and play. - Registration for new users is now open. - Existing users can log in. - If you have an existing account, I highly recommend changing your password due to the recent hack. - I don't believe any existing users were affected but if something isn't how it was, let me know.
Properties - 26th-Feb-21 @ 05:02:06
A few properties have been dropped in London to allow for people to collect them, first come first serve but it is a max of 3 properties per person! Also if you check the domination page and see anyone with a property and they haven't been on for 6 months + let me know and the property will be dropped Additionally anything that system owns is also up for grabs as it is more of a storage area
Property Owners - 29th-Aug-19 @ 18:02:19
Over this coming weekend I will be reviewing the inactive property owners and removing props then auctioning them off. So if you guys have time over this weekend and havenít owned or want to own a property itís definitely worth getting on for!
Update - 10th-Apr-19 @ 09:34:52
First of all thanks for your continued support and patience during what has been an admittedly quiet period from the admins. Sadly sometimes personal lives have to take priority and it just all happened to clash at the same time on this occasion. You should notice an increased Admin presence in the coming future and also there will be some changes coming up over the next few weeks. First of which is: Weekly challenges have had the following changes; - HTS Count reduced to 3,000 from 5,000 - RW Count reduced to 4 from 10 - KO Count reduced to 4 from 10 This should make it easier to complete the weekly missions with a lack of players online. Once again, A massive thanks from the SR Staff for your patience and support, hopefully the game can pick back up a bit in the near future!
New Year - 1st-Jan-19 @ 21:19:05
Happy New Year to everyone from the SR team, we hope everyone had a really good 2018 and an even better 2019! In addition to this, crew rep and SR record have been reset. This was polled in the forum with 12 voting for it and only 2 voting against it, this will enable newer players or even existing players to now have a better chance at earning a title shot. This will happen at the end of every year moving forward.